Time for Ricketts to Come Clean About Dirty GOP Sex Video

“Ricketts knew a year ago about the sex video, asked Kintner to resign and then did nothing. The fundamental question is why did Ricketts keep this from the public for over a year and only when another brave state senator made a statement to press call upon Kintner to resign? A year has gone by and instead of solving this major breach of public trust in a day, Ricketts makes time for Cubs games.” –Jane Kleeb, Nebraska Democratic Party Chair-Elect

“Ricketts furthers the GOP sex tape cover-up by erroneously claiming he could not disclose the facts of the case because of an investigation by the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission. The law states only that he could not disclose the existence of the investigation, he can and should disclose the facts to the public.” –Vince Powers, Nebraska Democratic Party Char

Further Questions:
If Ricketts is now saying Kintner should resign if the allegations are true, how come Ricketts did not say this when he first learned of the cyber sex in July 2015?
Who filed the NADC compliant and when was it filed?
Was an FBI investigation opened? If so, why was a case opened? Is the case ongoing?
When was the office of the Attorney General consulted and what steps were taken by that office?
Were Sen. Kintner’s staff aware of this issue and asked to stay quiet?
Who contacted the unnamed freshman senator with the information on Kintner? Is this person being investigated?
Was this person the woman Kintner mentioned to the Bible Study group? Is she a state employee?

Late Friday, Nebraskans learned Republican State Senator Bill Kintner used his state-issued computer to engage in cyber sex.
Kintner blamed a computer hack and a bribe for the sexual content on his state-issued laptop. The Nebraska State Patrol and the State IT office investigated the computer issue.
Gov. Ricketts Chief of Staff knew about Sen. Kintner’s improper use of the state computer last year.
Gov. Ricketts confirmed he asked Kintner to resign last year. The public was not told of this issue until today.
It is against Nebraska law to use state-issued computers and phones for anything not related to state business.
As Nebraskans will recall, Republican Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy had to resign for improperly using his state-issued resources.

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