Two peas in a pod: Don Bacon and Donald Trump stand by accused sexual assaulter

It has been three weeks since news first broke that gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster was accused of sexually assaulting eight women. Despite 11 people confirming the allegations, Don Bacon continues to clutch onto $16,400 in Herbster donations.
This past weekend, former President Donald Trump joined and defended the accused sexual assaulter, claiming Herbster was “the most innocent human being.”
It seems the two Dons share something in common: they are willing to stand by an accused sexual assualter.
As Nebraskans head to the polls for next week’s primary, they deserve to know: Why does Bacon refuse to return Herbster’s dirty campaign money?
Said DCCC spokesperson Johanna Warshaw: “Don Bacon’s refusal to return campaign cash from an accused sexual assaulter speaks volumes. Voters deserve to know why Bacon cares more about lining his campaign coffers than standing up against sexual assault.”

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