Updates from Chair Kleeb on Training Resources

Due to COVID, the ability for us to host many of the in-person Blue Bench trainings the NDP normally hosts is limited — so we have a few items we wanted to make sure you were updated on for trainings and support.

We are still planning a series of trainings as part of our Big Blue weekend in Omaha (Oct. 1-3, 2021). This is of course all dependent on COVID safety measures.

  1. The NDP is proud to announce Sen. Blood is now working with us as a Candidate Services team member. She is available to candidates for one-on-on coaching. In the summer, she will assist our officer team with candidate recruitment.  Sen. Blood is also working with the staff and officer team on a Candidate Manual that will take various NDP + DNC trainings as well as her own in-depth experience and get all of the information and checklists into a manual like we have for our SCC Delegates, Block Captains and County Chairs. Sen. Blood will announce a series of workshops she will host for the City Election candidates soon!
  • The first training Sen. Blood will lead is part of the March SCC meeting weekend. On March 6 from 10am-noon CT, Sen. Blood will lead a training titled “I Wish I Knew” that will focus on best practices and lessons learned from experienced campaign staff and candidates. Sign up for the training here.
  • Please email carol@nebraskademocrats.org with any questions, ideas that you want to see in the Candidate Manual, or to set up a time for coaching (**please note Sen. Blood’s coaching is focused on city election candidates right now—if you are thinking about running for office in 2022, please contact Jim first and he sets up the initial call to give candidates an overview of services).
  1. The DNC  is hosting a tech + data debrief on Feb. 17, 2021—DNC Chairs Harrison, Perez and Dean will all be the call as part of the debrief.
  1. The NDP partners with the DNC and the National Democratic Training Committee to provide all candidates and party leaders trainings to help elect Democrats. You can access a free training account to support your local work.
  1. Our Block Captains had their first training this past weekend, all on FB live. There are over 800 Block Captains across the state that stay in touch with their assigned voters year round.
  • If you have questions about the program or want a training for your county, campaign, caucus or council, contact Gina Frank, gina@nebraskademocrats.org.

As a party, we are constantly working to improve outreach and services to candidates, county parties, SCC Delegates, Block Captains, Caucuses and Councils. We welcome your feedback and ideas.

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