Volunteer for the State Fair

The Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island is less than one month away! This is a great time to volunteer to help staff the NDP booth and there are a lot of time slots to fill. Please consider volunteering as this will be a valuable opportunity to hand out literature, register voters, and have conversations with fellow Nebraskans about why it is so important that they vote for Democrats in 2018.

The Fair begins on Friday, August 24th and goes until Monday, September 3rd. Our booth will be open from 8:30am to 8:30pm each day of the fair. We will also have a member of the NDP staff at the booth but one person is not enough if we want to be able to really reach out to people at this event. We need your help!

If you will commit to volunteer or you know someone who would like to volunteer, please click on the link or pass it on to your friends, then fill out the Google form with the dates and times you would like to help.


Thank you helping Grow the Good life for all Nebraskans. We cannot do this alone and I know that I can count on you to help.

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