Winter NDP Meeting

The Nebraska Democratic Party (NDP) looks forward to seeing State Executive Committee (SEC) and State Central Committee (SCC) members along with grassroots Democrats at our Winter Meeting in Springfield on Feb. 2-3, 2018.

All Democrats are invited to attend the meetings and trainings, but you must register onsite or online. Online registration closes Wed., Jan. 31, 2018 at 8pm CT

We encourage all Democrats to attend so you can learn how to be involved in party operations and campaigns.

At our quarterly meetings, the NDP conducts party business, issue and constituency-based Caucus meet to plan events and we gather to further the goals of the party.

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Schedule At-A-Glance

Feb. 2: Featured Caucus– Veterans’ Caucus, Highlighting Charlene Ligon
The Tap Room, 6950 S. 108th St. La Vista, NE 68128

*5:30-6:30pm, Reception
*6:30-7:30pm, Caucus Meeting

Charlene Ligon, NDP Secretary and Veteran, released her new book about her mom called“Fearless—how a poor Virginia seamstress took on Jim Crow, beat the poll tax and changed her city forever”

Buy the book and get it signed by Charlene at the event:

Feb. 3: Caucus, Congressional District and SCC Meetings
Platteview High School, 14801 South 108th Street, Springfield, NE 68059

#NebDemsCare Donations
If you plan on attending our Winter meeting, please consider bringing a donation of food or winter coats. Both food and coats are needed–one of our Democratic leaders Sandi Skorniak, let us know, that she volunteers at three different food pantries and families are being turned away because of the high demand. Thank you also to Preston Love with Black Votes Matter and John Ewing working with local schools to identify kids who need coats.

You can purchase a coat or food from the Wish List:

Each meeting we collect items for a critical issue to show Democrats live our values–in the past we made Welcome Baskets for refugees, collected toiletries for the Indian Center in Chadron, collected winter clothing and Husker gear for the Veterans’ Home, and food and clothes for the families in Puerto Rico. As we like to say as we live our values and stand up with allies in the streets, #NebDemsCare.

Feb. 3 Detailed Schedule
Platteview High School, 14801 South 108th Street, Springfield, NE 68059

Check-In (get name badge, meeting materials)

Nebraska Young Democrats, Room 101
LGBTQ Caucus, Cafeteria
Platform and Resolutions Meeting, Room 104
Informational Update for formation of the Rural and Agriculture Caucus, Room 102
Blue Bench Training: Creating Walk Lists by Eric Aspengren, Media Room

County Chairs Meeting, Cafeteria
Democrats Experiencing Disabilities Caucus, Room 101
Catholic Caucus, Room 104
Working Families Caucus, Main Commons
Round Table with Chair Kleeb, Room 102

Blue Bench Training: Registering Voters by Chris Carithers (participants will be certified to register voters), Media Room

Women’s Caucus, Main Commons
Latino Caucus, Room 101
Black Caucus, Room 102
Climate Caucus, Cafeteria
Rules Committee Meeting, Room 104

Blue Bench Training: Creating a Website for Counties and Caucuses by Justin Kemerling and Alex P. Gates, Media Room

Vacancies for SCC and committee openings get voted on during meeting, see openings here: 
CD1 Meeting, Cafeteria
CD2 Meeting, Auditorium
CD3 Meeting, Main commons

Lunch and Open-Mic for Announcements, Sharing of Ideas, Cafeteria
The Catholic Caucus will facilitate over lunch (in a room announced on site) to discuss creating an Interfaith Caucus,

State Executive Committee (SEC) Check-In Huddle, Room 106

*State Central Committee Meeting (SCC) / meeting expected to end by 4:30pm, Auditorium
*Guest presentations at the SCC Meeting include: 2017 Deep Dive by Chrystal Rhoades and Ben Onkka, Supporting the Togo Community and new County Party Websites
*Agenda items include Code of Conduct, Memo to SOS on Independents voting in primaries and Resolutions along with key 2018 updates occur during the SCC Meeting
*Guests are allowed to attend the meeting but can not vote on agenda items

For SCC Members:

Voting Items at the NDP Winter Meeting:

Chair of the Special Committee on Code of Conduct, Janet Stewart, submitted the policy packet to consider for adoption by the body. The PDF was emailed to SCC Members in the 10-day packet.

Rules Chair Pam Hopkins and Resolutions Chair Jennie Butler posted items for consideration in the 10-day packet sent via email.

Rules Recommendations:

*Recommend to the State Central Committee to set the county convention window to between Wednesday, May 18th and Sunday, June 3rd. This puts us past the primaries and allows two weekends that do not include Memorial Day.

*Recommend to the State Central Committee to set the target number of Delegates to State Convention.

*Recommend to the State Central Committee to approve of the Rural Caucus.

Resolutions Recommendations (which may come to the floor with edits from the committee, PDFs emailed to SCC):

*Gun violence from Dee Austin

*Party resources and endorsements of candidates from Scott Williams

*Economic prosperity from Clayton Christiansen

Additional Info:

All SCC Members and County Chairs are mailed a 30-day packet with a detailed agenda and other information from Chair Kleeb, that packet is also linked below.

Help us fill vacancies on the SCC and Committees–votes take place in the CD Meetings. See the listings here.

If you did not get your 30-Day packet or are not on the NebDems SCC Listserv, please email

Agendas, Minutes and Attendance Listings

Springfield Winter Meeting Feb. 2018: Agenda and 30-Day SCC Packet

Omaha Fall Meeting Nov. 2018: Minutes and Attendance List

September Phone SCC Meeting 2017: Minutes and Attendance List

Chadron Summer Meeting 2017: Minutes and Attendance List

Lincoln Spring Meeting 2017: Minutes and Attendance List

NDP Archived Resolutions

NDP ByLaws

NDP Platform

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