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Applying for a Job or Internship

Interested applicants should email a cover letter, resume, and a list of three professional or educational references to

NDP Intern Openings

Nebraska Democratic Party Interns

SCOPE OF POSITION: Interns work in various departments with the Nebraska Democratic Party including our 2018 Coordinated Campaign, Communications, Operations, Data and Field. We can work with interns schedules to provide opportunities on weekends, evenings and summer.

EXPERIENCE: To apply for an internship, you must be at least 16 years old and willing to volunteer at least 5 hours a week.

RESPONSIBILITIES: These tasks change on the type of internship the individual wants to learn about–below sample tasks but this changes depending on the department the intern is assigned to at the NDP.

  • Work on the 2018 Coordinated Campaign supporting staff and candidates on key roles from canvassing, to yard sign delivery, to developing creative youth vote plans.
  • Train volunteers on phone banking and canvassing.
  • Write talking points, speeches, blogs, web content, issue narratives and press releases.
  • Maintain and expand the press list.
  • Create content for social media including SnapChat, Facebook and Twitter account.
  • Assist candidates on using social media by setting up accounts and training the candidates.
  • Come up with creative events to register voters and educate young people on voting for Democrats.
  • Create lists of new party leaders and elected officials.
  • Implement systems like sign-in process at meetings and conventions.
  • Research candidates issue stances to write blog posts and other forms of communication with the information.
  • Recruit Block Captains.
  • Register voters.
  • Data entry of Vote By Mail Applications and other data collected.

NDP Job Openings

Nebraska Democratic Party’s Coordinated Campaign Regional Directors 

SCOPE OF POSITION: The Regional Directors serve as the lead staff person in their region for executing a plan to elect Democrats up and down the ballot with the Coordinated Campaign. The job includes political, organizing, communication and electoral responsibilities. This is a full-time position that requires weekends.

EXPERIENCE: To apply for this job, you must have at least 3 years of professional nonprofit, business or political communications experience. Additionally, you must have worked on at least one campaign which can be a ballot initiative or a candidate campaign.

• Serve as the main point of contact of the Nebraska Democratic Party for county party leaders, Precinct Captains, Block Captains, grassroots activists and allied issues groups in your region.
• Maintain the regional office by creating regular office hours that party leaders and grassroots activists know they can get questions answered and canvass packets.
• Be in constant contact with County Chairs, Precinct Captains and Block Captains to execute the Coordinated Campaign Plan.
• Facilitate good communication between party leaders and volunteers to keep everyone informed and moving in the same direction.
• Ensure all data is getting entered in the voter file by organizers, Precinct and Block Captains.
• Conduct all trainings for staff and volunteers to ensure goals are met for the plan. Conduct extensive coaching and development with staff when needed.
• Ensure all required reporting is accurate and that all regional data is entered on time.
• Representing the campaign at community events and meetings when advised by the organization.

Nebraska Democratic Party Grassroots Organizers and Canvassers

SCOPE OF POSITION: The Nebraska Democratic Party is hiring several Grassroots Organizers for the 2018 election cycle. We are starting in Omaha and will build out Grassroots Organizers to work with the Coordinated Campaign structure of Regional Directors, Precinct Captains and Block Captains. Some Grassroots Organizers will be part-time and some will be full-time positions.

Grassroots Organizers, working with Regional Directors, execute the Coordinate Campaign plan to turnout Democrats for the 2018 elections. Grassroots Organizers build relationships between voters and the Party on a long-term basis beyond the election cycle. Grassroots Organizers are responsible for being in the community, with allied issue groups and county parties, to conduct voter outreach programs like vote by mail and educating voters at the doors and community events for federal and state candidates.

EXPERIENCE: To apply for this job, you must have at least 1 years of professional nonprofit, business or political communications experience. Additionally, you must have online and offline communications experience with tools such as Facebook and Snapchat.

• Serve as a key staff member to help win federal and state elections by engaging in voter-identification, voter-registration, vote-by-mail and get-out-the-vote efforts at peoples’ homes and at community events (as we say—we talk to voters where they live and where they hang out).
• Identify and maximize on opportunities to partner with allied groups on issues in the Democratic Platform such as climate change, family farms, felon voter rights, clean energy and college affordability.
• Organize on Facebook and social media networks by identifying groups and opinions leaders and then working with these people offline to engage them as volunteers in events and canvassing.
• Work with the Grassroots Director to canvass on a daily basis and on the weekends (different schedules are set according to full or part-time positions). Keep excellent voter records and sign in sheets for the voter file during every canvass and community event.

Applying for a Job or Internship

Interested applicants should email a cover letter, resume, and a list of three professional or educational references to