Honoring the Past Present and Future
Who Have Contributed to the Democratic Process.

Adonna Bryant 

AFAM Rep. DCDP Micheal Lee, Jr. 

Alisha Shelton 

Lancaster County Democratic Party Secretary Andrea Evans

Black Caucus Chair Pastor Janet Banks

Commissioner Chris Rodgers

Cornelius Williams 

DNC Committeewoman & Sarpy County Chair Charlene Ligon

Douglas County Treasurer John Ewing

Fmr. Commissioner Carol Woods Harris 

Fmr. Councilman Ben Gray

Fmr. Councilman Frank Brown 

Fmr. OPS School Board Kimara Snipes

Fmr. OPS School Board Marque Snow 

Fmr. OPS School Board Shirley Tyree

Fmr. OPS School Board Yolanda Willams 

Gladys Harrison 

Jasmine Harris 

Washington County Chair Jo-el Chiles 

Jonathan Lathan

Learning Community Sharnelle Shelton 

Learning Community Tonya Ward

Lincoln Councilman Bennie Shobe 

Lincoln Councilwoman Sandra Washington 

CD1 Chair Marthaellen Florence 

MCC Board Angela Monegain

MCC Board Tammy Wright 

Michael Young 

Mike Hughes

Morgann Freeman 

NDP Executive Director Precious McKesson 

NRD Board Fred Conley

Omaha City Councilwoman Juanita Johnson

OPS School Board Brianna Full

OPS School Board Dr. Shavonna Holman 

OPS School Board Ricky Smith 

Preston Love, Jr.

Rebekah Carriuthers 

Robin Quarles 

Rowena Moore 

Sarpy County Deputy Election Commissioner Michelle Boyland 

Schmeeka Grayer (Independent)

Sen. Brenda Council 

Sen. Edward R. Danner

Sen. Joanne Maxey

Sen. Justin Wayne

Sen. Tanya Cook

Sen. Terrell McKinney

Spencer Danner 

State Board of Education Jacquelyn Morrison

Symone Sanders-Townsend 

Taylor McKesson

Willie Hamilton

Happy Juneteenth. Honoring the past, present, and future.
President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.
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