Tuesday: Roll Call — Terry Remains “10 Most Vulnerable”

Roll Call reported last night, “Things were looking up for Terry when a third-party candidate and former Republican dropped out of the contest this spring. It should have allowed him to consolidate conservative support in the 2nd District, which Romney won with 53 percent in 2012. But polling still shows this race in a statistical dead heat. And Terry can’t seem to get out of his own way, making a couple blunders on the trail, including on congressional pay.”

Monday: Politico — National Republicans Think Congressman Terry is in Trouble

Politico reported on Monday, “”There is also concern about Nebraska Rep. Lee Terry, an eight-term congressman with a long history as an underwhelming campaigner. During the government shutdown, Terry apologized after answering “dang straight” when a reporter asked whether he would continue collecting a paycheck, explaining that he had to cover the expenses of a “nice house” and children’s education. In May, Terry barely survived a primary against an obscure challenger.

A Republican group that recently polled the race, and provided POLITICO with its data, found Terry tied with Democratic state Sen. Brad Ashford at 41 percent – distressing for a longtime incumbent.”

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