Mayor Stothert, Don Bacon Stick With Trump Despite More Allegations Of Groping Women

OMAHA, NE – Earlier this morning, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert and Don Bacon stuck
with Donald Trump for President despite the shocking video footage that exposed Trump

touting regularly groping women without their consent.

Over the past six days Donald Trump’s alleged history of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior towards women and underage girls has deepened. Here is a short list of what Trump has been accused of over the past week in which neither Mayor Stothert or Don Bacon have denounced:
  • Sexually assaulting over 10 women
  • Making inappropriate comments about dating 10-year old girls
  • Physically assaulting a reporter
  • Barging into a room with naked young women

“It’s disturbing neither Mayor Stothert nor Don Bacon have the moral courage to retract their support of a serial sexual predator, while so many other Republican leaders across the nation have done so,” said Hadley Richters, Nebraska Democratic Party Executive Director.  “Both Mayor Stothert and candidate Don Bacon have willingly set values and decency aside for personal political power, as they pledge their allegiance to the most morally corrupt candidate ever to run for President.”

“It’s no surprise Mayor Stothert would support Don Bacon for Congress since they both have failed to stand up to the misogyny, racism, and outright bigotry of Donald Trump,” Richters said. “Today, their actions today show that pure, partisan power matters more than basic human decency. Their continued backing of Donald Trump is an insult to the citizens of Omaha and disrespectful to the culture and diversity that makes our city great.”

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