NDP’s Kleeb Responds to Trump’s State of the Union Address

NDP Chair Jane Kleeb made the following statement following President Trump’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday evening.

“President Trump started and ended with lofty language sandwiched between predictable rhetoric about his broken promise of the wall that Mexico was to fund.

Farmers are confronting climate change growing biofuels and installing wind and solar on land across Nebraska. And yet, Pres. Trump did not mention a peep about his empty promise on E-15 to grow the industry in Ag states that is helping rebuild rural America.

While Trump stayed on the teleprompter speech written for him, he ultimately, and inevitably, focused on his ridiculous demand for a wall and his attack of people seeking asylum in this country from wars, abuse and untold violence. He attacked women’s right to choose. He flicked way his reckless trade policies that are stifling rural America’s struggle to survive. His speech was filled with fear-mongering towards immigrants and a rehash of his stump speech.”







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