Nebraska Democratic Party Convention Delegates Elect Leaders

Lincoln, NE — Delegates to the 2018 Nebraska Democratic Party Convention chose their leaders Saturday, re-electing Party Chair Jane Kleeb and Vice-Chair Frank LaMere by acclamation.

“We are proud to lead the party during the 2018 election and as we start planning for 2020,” Kleeb said. “The over 500 Democratic candidates on the ballot are a testament to the enthusiasm on our side to end the one-party stranglehold on our state.”

LaMere said: “The re-election of Jane Kleeb and my return as associate chair makes my heart soar like a hawk. Will we celebrate? Perhaps so, but only for 10 minutes. Then, we will get about continuing to unify the NDP and build the foundation for huge Democratic wins in the Fall. Jane Kleeb has brought us to a realization that, with hard work and organization, we can compete.”

Delegates also elected Preston Love, Jr. as 2nd vice chair; John Yoakum as chair of the Congressional District 1 Caucus; Ben Cass as chair of the Congressional District 2 Caucus; and Judy Vohland as chair of the Congressional District 3 Caucus.

The NDP 2018 Convention, which was attended by 372 delegates, concluded Saturday at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Innovation Campus.



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