Nebraska Democratic Party Rebuttal to Gov. Ricketts’ State of the State

The Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb took to Facebook live to give a rebuttal to Gov. Ricketts’ State of the State address. The Democratic party is committed to providing an alternative voice to the state of our body politic.

Chair Kleeb’s statement: 

“Gov. Ricketts failed to deliver any new ideas to address the budget deficit. Modeling our state after Kansas is a lose/lose for everyone. We need a hard hat revolution to create jobs, keep young people from leaving our great state and to ensure working class families can stop treading water. Gov. Ricketts failed to deliver any bold plans on extending public education, developing clean energy, making health care affordable and ensuring our public is safe from the risks of overcrowded prisons. Pulling ideas from extremist groups is no way to lead our great state. The Democratic Party stands ready to be in the streets and in the voting booth to bring balanced and bold plans with working class families.”

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