Nebraska Democrats stand up for DACA, Trump and the Republican Party Favor Extreme-Right

NEBRASKA- The Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, created by Pres. Obama in 2012, protects nearly 800,000 young people that were brought to the United States by their parents. In Nebraska, 3,371 young immigrants live, work and learn in our big cities and small towns. Dreamers are educated here, raised here, and love this country, yet they are under attack from a President that is trying to score political points with the extreme-right base instead of doing what is right.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a 6-month hold for the DACA removal of young people in order for Congress to pass a law with the same outcome—3,371 Nebraskans being forced to leave America, their home.

Jane Kleeb, Chair, Nebraska Democratic Party

“The Nebraska Democratic Party stands with the Dreamers who make up the fabric of our small towns and big cities. Our Democratic candidates from Senate to School Board all realize the direction President Trump wants to take by removing young people whose only home they know is Nebraska is reckless. These action by Trump, and supported by Sen. Fischer with her silence, is wrong and incredibly cruel. We work every single day to elect more Democrats in order to protect the Dreamers and ensure a clear path to citizenship is available. America must continue to lead the way on welcoming immigrants to our great state and country. We believe in the hard work of immigrant families. Attorney General Sessions and Pres. Trump can not use the words compassion and leadership as they rip apart families and turn the lives of Dreamers upside down. Trump is a coward for not making the heartless announcement himself and taking questions on what the real motive is behind this reckless move.”

Marta Nieves, Chair, Nebraska Democratic Party Latino Caucus

“Dreamers are our future. They bring intelligence, compassion, diversity of thought and perspective, their skills, talents and passion to life and to our nation. They are well educated, hard working, family loving individuals that love this country.  They have been contributing their creativity, and taxes, to the economy and their communities. They are friends with your children and families. Dreamers make our communities a better place.  Dreamers are part of the fabric of America.  They inspire us to value the best in our nation.”

Dulce Sherman, Executive Committee Member, Nebraska Democratic Party

“It is shameful our state and country doesn’t remember how to practice kindness toward all.  The Dreamers represent our future and sustain our economy.  In most cases, America is the only country they have known as home.  It makes no business or humanity sense to push out 800,000 young individuals. They represent our future. I have observed firsthand how hard they work for their dreams by holding multiple jobs in some cases raising a family and attending college. They help America grow. They are young professionals. But wait a minute. Does this dream sound familiar to us?  It’s because at some point we all shared the same dream. A dream that if you work hard enough, you can have a better life.  It’s up to us. Now imagine,  if someone yanked  that dream away from you, your brother or parents. All of the sudden, you cannot stay here. It’s seems surreal, but a cold reality for Dreamers. To rob you or anyone from the same dreams, is not what our America is about.  The choice is up to us. America, do the right thing. Embrace the Dreamers.”

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