Press Release: Democratic officials: Stothert does not deserve another term

State and local Democratic officials on Wednesday said that Republican Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert does not deserve another term in office.

“Stothert has done nothing to merit another term,” said NDP Chair Jane Kleeb. “She’s fumbled even the basics — like the city’s garbage contract and keeping potholes filled.  She’s a failure and a bully, lashing out publicly at anyone who dares criticize or question her. Omaha deserves better.”

Said C.J. King, chair of the Douglas County Democratic Party:

“We look forward to a competitive election where the DCDP will gladly highlight the many failures of the Storhert Administration. The 2020 election made it clear: it is time to elect leaders that represent the people, not answer to special interests or the wealthy elite. And there are several great Democrats on deck to challenge her.”

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