Press release: Elector McKesson and NDP Chair Kleeb cheer Electoral College vote certification

Presidential Elector Precious McKesson and NDP Chair Jane Kleeb hailed the vote Thursday certifying the Electoral College victory of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, who will be sworn in on Jan. 20. The vote came after a group of lawless Trump rioters breached security and broke into the Capitol on Wednesday as lawmakers were meeting — causing an hours-long delay in the certification.

“Today the electoral votes have been certified, and we now move forward to building back our country and restoring the faith of democracy. We have to remain strong even when we have those who are sworn to uphold our democracy but challenged it with false allegations and no proof of voter fraud,” McKesson said. “I hope all voters remember those who voted against our democracy in the next election cycle; those are the ones we no longer need leading our country.”

McKesson became the first African-American on either side of the political aisle to cast an elector ballot in Nebraska. She is also the first woman to cast an electoral vote for a Democrat in Nebraska since the state switched to awarding electoral votes to the winner of each congressional district in 1992. 

Said Kleeb: “The ridiculous stunt by several members of the Republican Party — including Rep. Adrian Smith — to challenge the certification because of baseless claims of voter fraud was shameful. The conspiracy theories driving the Republican Party’s decisions are outlandish and reckless.

“In the end, our Constitution and the majority of American’s votes prevailed. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will now take their rightful place as president and vice-president building back an America for everyone,” Kleeb said.

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