Press release: Fake Bacon on full display in Cheney vote

NDP Chair Jane Kleeb called out Rep. Don Bacon for the cowardly “voice” vote Wednesday by Republican House members to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from her party leadership role after she urged the GOP to reject former President Donald Trump’s continual lies about the secure election that led to President Biden’s victory.

House members ousted Cheney on a “voice” vote, meaning there is no public record of how each voted. 

“Don Bacon touts himself as a moderate who favors transparency in government, yet he’s hiding behind a secret vote,” Kleeb said. “He is a full-fledged Trump follower and falls in line when told. Bacon is a fake and a coward who cares more about Trump than Nebraska families. Nebraska voters deserve to know whether Don Bacon put his loyalty to Trump above the truth.”

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