Press Release: NDP Chair Kleeb praises staff named to Biden senior leadership positions in Nebraska

NDP Chair Jane Kleeb on Friday praised the senior staff members leading Nebraska’s team for Vice President Joe Biden as he looks to reclaim Nebraska’s “Blue Dot” — Congressional District 2 — in the upcoming presidential election.

“We knew Biden’s team was serious about turning Omaha into a “Biden Blue Dot” when this senior leadership team was being built and the party is proud to work shoulder to shoulder with them this cycle.” Chair Kleeb said.

The Biden senior leadership staff members include:

Rachel Caine, State Director: During the Primary, Caine served as the Biden campaign’s Colorado State Director. Previously, Caine helped the Denver Classroom Teachers Association in last year’s election flip of majority control of the Denver school board to union-backed members. In 2018, Caine managed Jessie Danielson’s campaign in one of Colorado’s most competitive senate races, helping to flip control of the state Senate to the Democrats.

“Rachel Caine is one of the strongest political operatives in the country. She brings years of on-the-ground experience to Nebraska,” Kleeb said.

Precious McKesson, Political Director: McKesson is a Nebraska native and the first constituency director for the Nebraska Democratic Party, as well as the chair of the NDP Black Caucus. Her job is to ensure all citizens are civically and politically engaged focusing on voter turnout in low voting communities. Precious provides the necessary tools to ensure all communities are a part of the voting process. Her focus this year will be increasing voter turnout and turning CD2 Blue — giving Vice President Joe Biden the electoral vote for President of the United States. Precious’ biggest accomplishment is being the mother to 16-year-old Taylor, an honor student at Omaha North High School.

“Precious McKesson helped build our party these last two years with her tremendous organizing and leadership skills,” Kleeb said. “Precious was not born into a political family. She tackled issues in her community and created a path for herself, proving along the way she has what it takes to win.”

Avi Small, Press Secretary: Previously, Avi was the press secretary for Heath Mello’s 2017 campaign for mayor of Omaha and worked in the New York State Senate and at NextGen Climate. Avi also spent four campaign cycles crafting messaging for federal and state campaigns as a direct mail consultant.

The party welcomes back home Avi Small who worked on various campaigns with grit and determination,” Kleeb said. “The skills Avi gained nationwide will benefit the entire slate of Democrats.”

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