Press release: NDP Chair Kleeb statement on the gerrymandered congressional map

NDP Chair Jane Kleeb on Friday issued a call to organize after reviewing the map for the 2nd Congressional District, which was specifically drawn to include a plot of land in Sarpy County that Rep. Don Bacon recently purchased to build a house on.

“The NDP applauds the senators who are working hard in the special session. While we think the legislative maps are fair and competitive, the congressional maps were gerrymandered by the GOP,” Kleeb said. “The ‘Slice of Bacon’ map was created ONLY to accommodate ONE person’s plan to build a house. This is a partisan map meant to rewrite the direction of CD2.

“The Democratic Party will organize and outwork the Republican Party to make the JoMaha Blue Dot only bigger.

“We look forward to working with the rural and urban citizens in all three counties — Saunders, Douglas and Sarpy — to ensure our candidates fight for the issues voters care about from clean water, strong public schools and good-paying jobs,” Kleeb said.

This is not a call to complain but a call to organize our neighbors, register new voters and stand up against a Republican Party so terrified of losing they had to turn to gerrymandering the district.

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