Press release: NDP’s Candidates of Color Fund awards contributions to candidates ahead of the April 6 city primary elections in Lincoln and Omaha

The Nebraska Democratic Party’s Black, Latinx and Native American caucuses are proud to announce contributions to Omaha and Lincoln candidates from the Candidates of Color Fund.

Ten strong candidates will receive a total of $2,600.

The fund was developed by NDP Chair Jane Kleeb in 2017. Black Caucus Chair Precious McKesson, Latinx Caucus Chair Dulce Sherman and Native American Caucus Chair Colette Yellow Robe oversee the fund to ensure our party is electing candidates who look like the communities they serve. The NDP’s Candidates of Color Fund remains neutral in primaries while also lifting candidates of color with resources so we are building a diverse party.

The Candidates of Color Fund welcomes donations year-round. Donate here.

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