Press release: NDP’s Chair Kleeb and Executive Director McKesson decry voter suppression petition

Nebraska Democratic Party statement on the attempt by state Sen. Slama and Gov. Pete Ricketts to suppress the vote across our state with their unnecessary ballot campaign to require an ID to vote:

“Adding barriers to vote is un-American,” Chair Jane Kleeb said. “The Republican Secretary of State and county election officials across the state have said over and over again we do not have voter fraud happening in Nebraska. And yet, Sen. Slama, funded by Gov. Ricketts, decided to scam Nebraskans into signing a petition, telling people they were just wanting a debate on the issue and other flat-out lies. The good news is that even if this passes at the ballot box, the Legislature will determine which IDs will be accepted. To ensure a broad list – from campus IDs, drivers licenses, and Tribal IDs – are accepted, voters must send more Democrats to the Legislature. That is our party’s focus. Get more Democrats elected to not only ensure we expand voting rights but to also ensure our state does not ban legal abortions.”

Said NDP Executive Director Precious McKesson:

“Republicans have turned alleged voter fraud into a political boogeyman to scare voters from exercising their right to vote. The only fraud seen is the practice they used to collect the signatures. The efforts to require an ID have failed in the Legislature for the past eight years because senators across both parties know this will end up in the courts on the grounds of a poll tax or discrimination against the poor and disabled. Nothing seems to stop the cruel and reckless reign of Ricketts and Slama.”

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