Press release: NDP’s Kleeb blasts GOP Sen. Groene and Republican Party for culture of corruption and harassment

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb on Friday condemned GOP Sen. Mike Groene and the Nebraska Republican Party for the ongoing culture of corruption and inappropriate behavior inside their party.

Groene, who is seeking a seat on the University of Nebraska Board of Regents, is accused of sharing inappropriate photos of a female staffer with others from his state laptop.

“This is despicable and the latest in a string of inappropriate behavior by Republican officials,” Kleeb said. “Groene should resign and the public deserves to know all the other senators or staff involved.”

Basic questions need to be answered by Speaker Hilgers in public. For example, did anyone approach the staff member asking her to not share this information publicly? When was Hilgers  informed of the harassing behavior? Was this dropped on a Friday of a holiday weekend to try and bury the scandal?

“One-party rule breeds corruption and harassment and that is on full display the last several years from the Nebraska Republican Party. Our state deserves better and it is time for some new blood to lead our state,” Kleeb said.

Republicans’ latest corruption:

–Rep. Jeff Fortenberry is under federal indictment for allegedly lying to the FBI about illegal donations funneled to his campaign.

–Auditor Charlie Janssen was caught spending many afternoons drinking at a Lincoln bar instead of doing his job.

–Former Sen. Bill Kintner was accused of a string in inappropriate behavior while in office, including a cyber-sex scandal.

–Former Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy resigned after it was revealed that he made dozens of phone calls and texts on a state cell phone to women other than his wife.

—Board of Education member Pat McPherson refused to resign after it was discovered he had made racist comments online.

Groene Background

On Friday a complaint was filed alleging Groene had shared inappropriate photos of a female staff member with others from his state laptop.

According to news accounts, the staffer had been given the laptop by Groene to complete work-related projects. In the course of that work, she stumbled across the photos in question of which she was the subject.

The pictures appeared to have been taken by Groene and then emailed from him to other parties with email captions of a sexual nature. The emails were described as “objectifying and demeaning.” Some of the photos were zoom-close-ups of provocative body parts with explicit subject lines.


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