Press release: NDP’s Kleeb praises House passage of Biden’s bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act 

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb hailed Friday’s late-night passage in the U.S. House of President Biden’s $1.2 trillion bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

“President Biden’s policies, in the first nine months of his term, helped create a historic 5.6 million jobs. The new infrastructure bill will add even more jobs fixing our roads and bridges, replacing lead pipes and installing electric vehicle charging stations,” Kleeb said.

Biden was expected to immediately sign it into law. 

The House will vote on Biden’s $1.85 trillion Build Back Better plan after the Congressional Budget Office issues an estimate of the bill’s cost. The vote on that measure is expected before Thanksgiving. The infrastructure measure passed 228 to 206.

“Nebraska desperately needs these vital infrastructure investments,” Kleeb said. “Democrats are building the economy and creating jobs, while Republicans continue to turn their backs on Nebraska families. The Republican Party voted for Trump’s $2 trillion in tax cuts for the richest Americans and are constantly bashing Democrats for wanting our taxpayer money to get back to working for the middle class. Democrats want Nebraskans to have access to affordable child care and solutions to the climate crisis. We look forward to the vote on the Build Back Better bill, where Democrats take action again for the people.”

The Senate-passed infrastructure bill would be the largest investment in the nation’s public works in a decade. The infrastructure bill would go to Biden’s desk for his signature, and the BBB plan would head to the Senate for consideration.

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