Press release: NDP’s Kleeb responds to comments by Sen. Sasse about President Trump

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb responded today to statements made by Sen. Ben Sasse where he blasts President Trump.

“The obvious first question is will Gov. Ricketts, Reps. Bacon and Fortenberry along with the Republican Party condemn Sasse publicly for his words against Trump or will they sit by in silence showing Nebraskans they too share Sasse’s words about the reckless behavior of Trump?”

“Ben Sasse, who has all but stood silent during Trump’s reckless time in office, is now distancing himself from the president. Saying these words now, when it seems safe for Sasse, will not erase the years Sasse was complicit in the horrendous behavior and actions of Trump. Voters can write-in Preston Love. We can send a message to Sasse his words are too little, too late,” Kleeb said.

Background: The statements, made by Sen. Ben Sasse, was published in the Washington Examiner which has Sasse saying the following about Pres. Trump:

  • Trump mishandled the coronavirus response
  • Trump “kisses dictators’ butts”
  • Trump “sells out our allies”
  • Trump spends “like a drunken sailor”
  • Trump mistreats women
  • Trump trash-talks evangelicals behind their backs
  • Trump has “flirted with white supremacists” 
  • Trump and his family “treated the presidency like a business opportunity

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