Press release: Nebraska Democrats send strong slate of candidates on to the November General Election

Nebraska Democratic voters who cast ballots in Tuesday’s primary sent a strong slate of candidates on to the Nov. 8 general election. Voters in CD1 also have a Special Election between Sen. Flood and Sen. Pansing Brooks on June 28.

“The Republicans are deeply divided headed into the general election after months of negative campaigning and ripping each other apart. The Democratic candidates remain focused on the issues that impact voters daily lives including defending womens’ access to legal abortion,” said Chair Jane Kleeb. “The Democrats have a strong ticket of candidates running across our state with a unified base of volunteers and voters to put an end to the corrupt one-party Republican rule.”

State Sen. Carol Blood, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, is prepared to take on the winner of the Republican race, Jim Pillen.

“As I travel across Nebraska, it has been made clear that voters are sick and tired of the negative political rhetoric and business as usual coming from the Republican Party,” Carol Blood said. “Nebraskans are ready for NEW BLOOD to create effective change and grow our state in a direction that makes it a place where people of all ages–no matter what they look like or what is in their bank account–can count on a better and more prosperous future. Every Nebraskans has a voice and deserves a seat at the table, that is exactly what I will do as the next Governor.”

Said Kleeb: “The entire slate of Republican canddiates want to ban abortion, which is a radical position out of step with the majority of Nebraskans. We are prepared to help Sen. Carol Blood take on Pillen on the real issues that hard-working Nebraskans care about, like affordable healthcare, creating good-paying jobs and protecting legal access to abortion. Pillen spent the last year pandering to the radical right-wing base of the Republican Party and throwing mud. Ricketts owns Pillen and voters are ready for change. Blood will unite Nebraska and lift up all communities.”

Regarding other races for the Democratic Party:

In CD1 Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks advanced. 

In CD2, Sen. Tony Vargas advanced.

In CD3, Dave Else advanced.

In races for the State Board of Education, Danielle Helzer advanced in the District 6 race and Deborah Neary advanced in District 8.

In legislative races, three incumbent senators advanced in their re-election bids: Machaela Cavanaugh in District 6, Megan Hunt in District 8 and Wendy DeBoer in District 10.

Advancing in other legislative races:

–Sarah Slattery, District 2

–Robin Richards, District 12

–Cori Villegas, District 14

–Michael Young, District 18

–John Fredrickson, District 20

–George Dungan, District 26

–Jane Raybould, District 28

–Angie Lauritsen, District 36

–James Michael Bowers, District 46

–Danielle Conrad, District 46

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