Republican Budget Cuts Hurt Nebraska Families: 500,000 Nebraskans Rely on Medicaid and Medicare

Today, the House of Representatives voted on the Senate budget resolution that is a disaster for Nebraskans. Congressman Bacon and Fortenberry voted for this reckless budget that will hurt families all over the state. The Republicans have once again shown they protect the top 1% above all else.

“Over 500,000 Nebraskans rely on government-run Medicaid and Medicare for their healthcare. This includes children, our grandparents and the disabled. By passing this budget, Republicans let voters know they care more about the 1% than our grandparents and our kids who look to the government to ensure a safety net is there to catch our families when they need us the most. Beyond the cuts to healthcare, Sen. Fischer and Rep. Bacon allowed Trump to cut Pell Grants that fund college for young people across our state. Nebraskans are ready for change and ready to end the one-party rule of our state.” -Chair Jane Kleeb


* Last week, Senate Republicans, including both Fischer and Sasse passed a partisan budget resolution that would make drastic cuts to vital programs, including Medicare and Medicaid, to give giant tax breaks to wealthy corporations and the 1% – all at the expense of working Americans. This week, House Republicans are expected to follow suit.

* As they did with health care, Republicans are working in secret to write tax legislation because they know how damaging and unpopular their proposals will be to middle-class families.

* To make matters worse, the Republican tax cuts aren’t paid for. The Senate budget would increase the budget deficit by at least $1.5 trillion, forcing even deeper cuts to programs that help American families.



* The Senate budget calls for nearly $500 billion in cuts to Medicare.

* In Nebraska, 313,703 people who rely on Medicare are at risk.

* Medicare beneficiaries make up 17 percent of Nebraska’s total population, including:





  • * The Senate budget calls for more than $1 trillion in cuts to Medicaid – an even deeper cut than Republicans proposed in their health care repeal bills.



  • * The Senate budget calls for deep cuts to programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, and Social Security.
  • *SNAP helps 176,000 of Nebraska families and workers stay out of poverty and keep healthy food on the table.

                   * 74 percent of SNAP participants in Nebraska are in families with children.

                   * 48 percent of SNAP participants in Nebraska are in working families.

                   * 29 percent of SNAP participants in Nebraska are in families with members who are seniors or have a disability.

  • * In 2016, SNAP benefits added 241 million dollars  to Nebraska’s economy, because families spend their SNAP benefits at local grocery stores and other retailers.
  • * 46,489 Nebraskans rely on Social Security Disability Insurance, which workers pay into so they can support their families if they develop a severe disability.





  • * By passing the Senate budget, Republicans have cleared the first hurdle in moving forward to a vote on a tax bill that has been written in secret and few have seen. If the Republican tax plan were to pass:
  • * The richest one percent of Nebraska residents would receive 59.3 percent of the state’s total tax cuts in 2018. These households are projected to earn at least $521,300 next year and would see an average tax cut of $80,910 in 2018.
  • * In stark contrast, middle-class Nebraskans would only receive 6.6 percent of the state’s total tax cuts. These households would only get an average tax cut of $450 in 2018.
  • * Millionaires alone would get 45.9 percent of the state’s total tax cuts. Their average tax cut would be nearly 7 times the tax cut middle class families would get.
  • * 11 percent of Nebraskan households would face a tax hike if the GOP tax plan was in effect in 2018.
  • * SOURCE: ITEP State-by-State Impact of GOP tax plan and attached spreadsheet.




  •          * CUTS TO EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Nationwide, the Senate budget cuts close to $200 billion from services like Pell Grants and student loan assistance over the next decade.


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