Ricketts Sacrificing Nebraskans’ Needs to Play Politics

LINCOLN–“Pete Ricketts refusal to present a plan to protect the 56,910 Nebraskans at risk of losing health insurance because of an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court ruling, proves that he has put his own political interests ahead of the needs of Nebraska families,” said Vince Powers, Chair of the Nebraska Democratic party.

Ricketts stated Sunday that it would be “premature” to discuss how the state might respond if health insurance tax credits for working families are struck down by the court.

“That is a dereliction of his duty ”,“It is the Governor who is “premature” in supporting the end to tax credits, without any plan in place for families to keep their insurance.” said Powers.  “It is the job of the Governor to lead with solutions, not jeopardize families by making them more vulnerable with no alternative plan.”  said Powers.  “The only thing premature was the state of Nebraska petitioning the US Supreme Court to end Nebraskans’ tax credits when the Governor had no plan to enable them to keep their insurance if the petition succeeds.”

80,000 Nebraskans have already lost their insurance as a result of the political games that led to the failure of Coopportunity Health.  The insurer failed after Congressional Republican slashed funding that had been promised to back startup health insurance cooperatives.

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