Senator Bob Krist Joins Democratic Party

Today State Senator Bob Krist of Omaha announced he has registered with the Secretary of State as a member of the Democratic Party in his bid for Nebraska Governor—our Party welcomes Sen. Krist and his strong record of standing up for Nebraska’s families.

Over his ten years in the Nebraska Legislature, Senator Krist has demonstrated his ability to work with all political parties and put Nebraskans before partisanship. We know his campaign for Governor will focus on getting things done with all Nebraskans at the table.

Democrats are working hard to defeat Pete Ricketts this upcoming November. The Democratic Primary now includes Senator Krist along with already-announced Tyler Davis and Vanessa Ward.

“The Democratic Party welcomes Sen. Krist and his strong leadership with the disability community, veterans and years of working across the aisle for Nebraska’s families. We have over 130 Democrats running this cycle and are offering Nebraskans a real choice at the ballot box to end one-party rule.” – Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb

“I have 90 days before the May 15 Primary Election to introduce myself to Nebraskans registered in the Democratic Party and to earn their trust. You have my word I will listen, just like I have for the past 10 years as a State Senator.

I hear Nebraskans loud and clear when they say they want a reprieve from partisan governance. I pledge to bring all of us together and to focus on unity and problem-solving, not ideology to move our great state forward.

My core brand is strong, principled leadership. My campaign for governor will focus on getting things done with all Nebraskans at the table.” – Candidate for Governor, State Senator Bob Krist

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