State Senators ask Gov. Ricketts to reinstate the COVID-19 Statewide Dashboard

Nebraska State Sens. Machaela Cavanaugh, Jen Day, Megan Hunt, John McCollister, Terrell McKinney, Carol Blood, Matt Hansen, John Cavanaugh,
Patty Pansing Brooks, Tony Vargas and Adam Morfeld sent a letter today to Gov. Pete Ricketts requesting he reactivate the statewide COVID-19 daily dashboard.

The request comes as schools are opening for the fall school year and businesses are making operational decisions.

“Since the State shutdown the COVID-19 Dashboard on June 30, 2021,
Nebraska has seen a rise in infections and hospitalizations. We respectfully ask that the Department of Health and Human Services reinstate the COVID-19 dashboard at once and that all 93 counties across Nebraska be required to report data to the state.”

The Senators further clarified why reinstating a daily dashboard is crucial at this time.

“The current weekly report is lacking crucial detailed information, including county by county infection rates, COVID-19 related deaths, daily available hospital beds, respirators and overall staffed beds.

The Dashboard gives us real-time representation of data we need to make decisions about the pandemic and without it we do not have the information we need to act.”



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