Theobald to Smith: “Quit Stalling; Let’s Debate!”

Third District Democratic congressional candidate Paul Theobald is again calling on Republican Rep. Adrian Smith to agree to a debate so voters can hear where the two stand on critical issues facing Nebraskans.

“Third District residents deserve to know where each candidate stands,” Theobald said. “To that end, I sent a certified letter to Adrian Smith on June 21 requesting one or more debates. I’ve gotten no response.”

Smith’s constituents have written letters to the editors of their local newspapers, calling on him to agree to a debate.

No response.

“Smith’s campaign continues to engage in stall tactics and to evade any meaningful commitment to debate in a public forum,” Theobald said. “Given his incumbency, it is in Smith’s interest to avoid a debate or to put it off as long as possible, but this outcome is clearly not in the best interests of his constituents.

“I am therefore once again calling on Smith — this time publicly – -to work with my campaign to settle on the time and place for a debate with all deliberate speed,” Theobald said. “Let’s give voters the transparency they are demanding — and that they deserve.”

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