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Join the proud Democrats working to build our Party. Together, we’ll knock on doors, make calls, rally in the streets and spread the good word about what Nebraska Democrats are doing to grow the good life for ALL Nebraskans, not just a few at the top.


The Nebraska Democratic Party continues to stand up, and fight for our Democratic candidates and elected officials. But we cannot do it without you. Support our continued grassroots efforts by contributing today!

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Become a Block Captain

The Nebraska Democratic Party launched a new Block Captain program where you sign up to connect with voters in your community to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. Sign up and read all about the Block Captain project.

Download the Block Captain flyer with the training and canvass schedule: Get the Block Captain Flyer!

Register to Vote and Vote By Mail

The 2018 election General Election date is Nov. 6 (save this date on your calendar now).

Find all the deadlines, registration forms, vote by mail forms, voting locations, and information on early voting. Check it out!

You can submit an application to Vote By Mail, here is the form–> http://www.sos.ne.gov/elec/pdf/earlyvote_app_2016.pdf

Simply complete the Vote By Mail form and mail it to your county election office: http://www.sos.ne.gov/elec/clerks.html

In most counties, except Lancaster County, you have to request a ballot for the Primary and General Election to vote by mail.


The Nebraska Democratic Party is standing up for our great Democratic Candidates growing the good life for all Nebraskans not just a few at the top. Sign up to join our grassroots team that is fighting to elect local Democrats. Volunteer now for the Party!

Serve as a Party Leader

If you want to take your volunteer hours to the next level, find out how you can serve as a Party Leader. We have positions on our State Central Committee, County Chairs and more. These positions are the back-bone of our Party.

Get Trained–Blue Bench Project

We offer trainings all year long for candidates and grassroots party leaders. Get all the info and sign up for a free online training account.

Letters to the Editor

Help spread the Nebraska Democratic Party’s message by contacting your local newspaper and writing a letter to the editor. Write a letter today!


Take action locally by attending Democratic Party events near you at a County Party meeting or attend one of our quarterly state-wide meetings

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