Not Like Us

Not Like Us

Political parties may not release diss tracks like Drake and Kendrick Lamar – but when it comes to comparing Republicans to Democrats – I assure you, the beef exists, and they not like us.

I won’t hop on a West Coast beat or spit six minutes of character assassinations like Kendrick did this week, but in politics, the proof is in the record.

I mean it, the Republican Party is not like us. Not in their morals, not in their values, not in their actions, or their words, or even the respect with which they treat others.

In the same way that Drake spent all week being publicly berated for accusations of hiding another child or employing known pedophiles, we should publicly grill the Republican Party for the people whom they associate with.

As we approach the primary election on Tuesday, May 14th, let’s remember how different the values they stand for are.

Character Concerns

The Republicans seem to love trickle-down economics, so let’s play a game of trickle-down associations.

Politics aside, the presumptive Republican candidate for President has been alleged to sexually assault women, paid them hush money from his campaign funds, and said, “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. … Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.”

He’s a creep. He preys on women. He doesn’t respect them. Yet he’s the idol of the modern Republican party. What does that say about the leadership of the Republican party?

The Republican party has had more than enough chances to distance itself from Trump. I mean for God’s sake the man lost! If he lost, just pick a new candidate who might win! Yet even during this 2024 primary, Trump didn’t go to debates, he wasn’t accountable to voters, and yet the Republican party still backed him the whole way.

You know what they say – if it smells like red paint, and looks like red paint, it’s probably red paint.

Well if the Republican Party worships a bad person, elects a bad person, defends a bad person, and funds the legal costs of a bad person, well… maybe the Republican Party has more than one bad egg.


Let’s give the Republican Party some slack… even though I wouldn’t let Trump within 100 yards of any female in my life, maybe they like him because he has good policy… right?

Nope, you couldn’t be more wrong. The policy of Donald Trump and Republican politicians across the country directly hurts Nebraskan families.

We already know he’s a creep towards women, but he made his desire to control their bodies into the law of the land by appointing extremist Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe v Wade. As a direct action of Donald Trump, millions of women across the country no longer have access to reproductive healthcare.

In some states, it doesn’t matter if rape or incest was involved, the woman must bear the child. Let’s be clear, if a young girl was taken advantage of, Republicans want to make her bear a child. That is gross, it is disgusting, it is vile, and it is inhumane.

Well… maybe it’s just women’s rights that he’s bad at. What about education you might ask?

The Trump administration’s leadership failures are evident in education as well. In 2016, President Trump appointed Betsy DeVos, who doesn’t believe in funding public schools, to the Secretary of Education.

Throughout the administration, DeVos + Trump and company rolled back good education policy. Now we’re stuck with teachers who are underpaid, overworked and have too many kids in their classrooms. If you’re a parent and worried about your child’s education, it’s likely a partial result of Trump-era policy that took money away from our nation’s public school systems.

Family Values

So we’ve established that the Republicans idolize Donald Trump as their dear leader, that Donald Trump is a bad person who you wouldn’t trust with your drink at a bar, and his policy is bad. There’s gotta be a better alternative, you might say, so what do Democrats actually believe in?

I mean, it’s pretty simple. Democrats believe that all Americans, not just the wealthy and well-connected, should have access to the American Dream. We believe that all Americans should have access to affordable healthcare, we believe that public tax dollars should go to public schools, and we believe in the basic tenets of respect and dignity.

Democrats believe that the government exists to lift a burden off working folks’ shoulders. We believe in student debt cancellation that lets a single mother of three sign her kids up for sports. We believe in a land justice policy that ensures companies cannot use eminent domain to take your family farm. And above all, we believe that each and every Nebraskan and American should be afforded respect, acceptance, and grace.

There is no one person who is above the law. We should uphold our politicians to the same standard that we hold ourselves and those around us too. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to watch a Husker game with someone who has multiple criminal trials and sexual allegations against him, so why the hell should we support the party that wants him President?

Election Reminders

As a reminder, the Primary Election is this upcoming Tuesday, May 14th. If you haven’t turned in your Mail in Ballot yet – please drop it off at your dropbox at your County Election Commission to ensure that it is received by Election Day! If you mail in your ballot – it is too late to guarantee it will reach the County Election Commission by Election Day.

You can check your polling place or the status of your mail-in-ballot here. Polls are open 8am-8pm CT all Election Day!

You can see the full list of Democratic candidates here! The primary is crucial for setting up Democratic success up and down the ballot in November. Make sure to vote!


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