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Critical elections happen in 2018 across our state–Governor, PSC, Attorney General, Secretary of State, all House Members, Senator Fischer’s seat is up, half of the State Legislative districts–plus NRD, Public Power and much more at the local city and county level.

Three critical steps you can take now:

Register to vote. You can register to vote fully online now which is easy. You can also change your party affiliation and change your address.

Add the election dates (Primary- May 15 and General- Nov. 6) and your polling location to your calendar now, this will help remind when and where you need to be on these two critical dates to end one-party rule of our state.

If you do not want to vote in person on May 15 for the Primary Election, then complete the Vote By Mail form. Voting by mail is easy and secure. Submit the form anytime between Jan. 15-May 4, 2018. Then, starting on April 9 your ballot will be mailed to you for the Primary Election. Be sure to mail your ballot back by May 11 to be safe it will arrive in time!

Election Dates

Primary Election Day: May 15, 2018 (or vote early in person or via mail)

Election Day: Nov. 6, 2018 (or vote early in person or via mail)

All of these dates are explained below and on the NE SOS site.

Register to Vote Via Mail and Online the Deadlines are April 30 for the Primary and Oct. 19 for the General.

Register to Vote In-Person, until 6:00pm, at your County Elections office. The deadlines are May 4 for the Primary and October 26 for the General.

Request Vote By Mail Ballot In-person or by Mail Deadline: May 4 for the Primary and Oct. 26 for the General.

April 9 is when the Primary Ballots to those who requested to vote by mail gets sent to voters.

April 16 is when you can start to vote early in-person at your County Election office. Early voting in-person ends May 14 for Primary.

Oct. 1 is when the General Ballots to those who requested to vote by mail get sent to voters.

Oct. 8 is when you can start to vote early in-person at your County Election office. Early voting in-person ends Nov. 5 for the General.

**We suggest mailing back your early vote ballots back at least a week before the election date to give plenty of time for it to arrive and be counted**

Open and Closed Primary Explained

In Nebraska, we have a non-partisan State Legislature–this means regardless of your party affiliation, you can vote for the person you want to see represent you. The top two vote-getters–regardless of party–in the Primary go on to the General Election.

For all Federal Offices (US Senate and House of Representatives), if you are a non-partisan voter, you can still request a partisan ballot for these federal races. That is a matter of federal law. We hope you choose the Democrats!

For all other state partisan elections (Governor, PSC, etc), the Democratic Party allows non-partisans to request what is called a “Non-Partisan Partisan Ballot” and we allow you to vote in our Primary Elections. The Republicans in Nebraska do NOT welcome non-partisan voters in their primary races.

If you are a registered non-partisan in Nebraska, during the Presidential primaries you can request either the Democratic or Libertarian ballot when you arrive at your polling location. Republicans do not allow independent voters in their primary. As Democrats, we welcome independents! 

Voting Links

Register to vote online 

Register to vote by mail 

Find your polling place

Check to see if you are registered

Request to vote by mail

Request to vote by mail (spanish)

Find your County Election office (where you can in-person do the following: register to vote, request to vote by mail, vote early)

Understanding Vote By Mail and Early Voting In-Person

You can get a ballot sent to your home so you can vote early by mail–just fill this form out and mail it to your county election office.

Spanish version of early vote form.

Early voting by mail for elections starts 35 days prior to an election (primary or general).

So, for 2018, early voting by mail and in-person at your county election office starts:

Early voting by mail starts April 9, 2018 for the Primary Election

Early voting in-person starts April 16, 2018 at your county election office for the Primary Election

Early voting by mail starts Oct. 1, 2018 for the General Election

Early voting in-person starts Oct. 8, 2018 at your county election office for the General Election

Living Overseas?

Many Nebraskans living overseas don’t vote either because they don’t know they can or they think it would be too complicated. However, every American holding a US passport can, by law, vote in Federal elections. And it’s easy. You can register to vote at

Served Time?

Nebraska does ensure ex-felons right to vote is restored after a two-year period once time is served, including probation.

You can read all the background on voting rights for ex-felons here:

Want to Run for Office?

If you want to talk about a run for office, send an email to and a staff member will get in touch with you.

These are the offices up in 2018–everything from US Senate to NRD and School Board.

See the list of Democrats running for office in 2018.