2022 State and County Conventions

Every two years, county parties and the Nebraska Democratic state party hold conventions to conduct party business and elect officers and delegates for the State Central Committee. If you have any questions about the information on this page, please call 402-434-2180 or email delegate@nebraskademocrats.org.

The County Party Conventions were March 1-20 and held virtually this year.

The State Convention weekend is April 1-2, and will also be virtual. 

  • Delegates for the State Convention are elected at the county conventions.


See Our  Session About the Convention Process

2022 NDP County Convention Rules (adopted 1/29/22)
*The state party adopts rules to govern the county and state convention process.

Agenda for State Convention April 1-2
*The agenda for the Caucus and Councils meetings along with the State Convention. Delegates to the state convention get elected at your county convention.

State Convention rules (approved by Rules Committee April 1) 

2022 Rules Committee’s FINAL Report for State Convention (posted 4/1/22)
*This will be presented and discussed at the State Convention on April 2, 2022.

2022 Platform Committee Report for the State Convention (updated  2/28)
*Hearings on the platform were held the week of Feb. 21 in each Congressional District. The Platform Committee is moving forward the platform as proposed for the 2022-2024 cycles. At the State Convention a final vote is taken on the adoption of the platform.