Statement from NDP Officers, Stonewall Democrats, Secular Democrats and Nebraska Young Democrats



July 15, 2023
Contact: Jose Flores, Jr., Communications Director

***Nebraska Democratic Party News Press Release for 7-15-2023***

Statement from NDP Officers, Stonewall Democrats, Secular Democrats and Nebraska Young Democrats

LINCOLN, NE – The Nebraska Democratic Party, Stonewall Democrats, Secular Democrats and Nebraska Young Democrats issued the following response to concerns around Senator Mike McDonnell’s votes this past legislative session:

We celebrate the Democrats and Independents who stood up for our reproductive freedom and the LGBTQ community’s human rights–Senators Blood, Bostar, Cavanaugh, Cavanaugh, Conrad, Day, DeBoer, Dungan, Fredrickson, Hunt, McKinney, Raybould, Vargas, Walz, Wayne, and Wishart. 

Sen. McDonnell’s votes against reproductive rights and the trans community go against the very core of our values as Democrats. We protect people. First and always. 

We will never act like Republicans who tear down people who do not act or think like them. We stand with the LGBTQ community, trans youth and their families as they fight for their existence and access to health care. 

We have voters in our party who are progressive, moderate, and conservative. All of these voters may have differences and agreements with various aspects of our platform. We are a coalition party and we are here to build for working families across the state. Smart, brave, and strong Nebraskans in rural and urban communities have stood up and chosen to be Democrats.

Our job as the Democratic party is threefold: first, we must build infrastructure across the state that engages in year-round organizing, second, we build the brand and messaging of what Democrats stand for and third, we elect Democrats. 

This is a call to action to all Democrats to help our party recruit candidates that reflect our values. Help us knock on doors to elect Democrats. And help us build the party’s infrastructure. 

We can not rely on a one-vote margin to stop the radical bills the Republican Party is pushing at the state legislature. We must elect 20 Democrats and Independents in 2024.

The NDP officers and the Stonewall Democrats commit to the following actions:

  • We will hold townhall meetings in Omaha, Lincoln, and rural Nebraska to hear from the LGBTQ community on what we as a party can be doing better and how we can work together to recruit and elect Democrats who reflect our values. 
  • We will review language in our bylaws around party resources and put forward a change to be voted on at the State Convention clarifying when and why the party can withhold resources from candidates or elected officials.


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