What You Should Know Ahead of the KMTV/Omaha World-Herald Debate: Sen. Deb Fischer’s Record of Working Against the Interests of Nebraskans

During her tenure in the U.S. Senate, Deb Fischer has voted with her party 98 percent of the time, even when it hurt Nebraskans. Instead of serving her constituents, she’s aligned herself with the corporate special interests who bankroll her campaigns and allowed them to dictate her every action in the U.S. Senate.


Get The Facts:


On HealthCare:

-Sen. Fischer has sided with her party bosses and the health care special interest groups like the pharmaceutical and insurance companies who have contributed more than $120,000 to her campaign to-date. [FEC]

-Fischer’s votes are directly responsible for Nebraskans’ increasing health insurance premiums. [H.R. 1, Vote 323, 12/20/17; New York Times, 12/19/17; The Hill, 12/15/17]

-Fischer also voted to impose an “Age Tax” on older Nebraskans, charging them up to five times more for their health insurance than younger people. [CQ, 7/25/17; HR 1628, Vote #167, 7/25/17; NBC, 6/26/17]


On Agriculture, The Lifeblood of Nebraska’s Economy:

-Fischer has made corporate donors a priority and voted with her party bosses 98% of the time — even when those votes were against the best interest of Nebraskans and the state’s economy. [ProPublica]

-Given the opportunity to support legislation that would give Congress more authority on trade issues, Fischer refused. ‘I haven’t heard a compelling case,’ said Sen. Deb Fischer (R-Neb.). ‘The sponsors of the bill need to make that.’” [Washington Post, 6/11/18]

-It was under Senator Fischer’s watch that Nebraska was left without a voice on the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee — ending nearly a half-century-long streak of Nebraska senators fighting for Nebraska agriculture on this vital committee. [Omaha World Herald, 1/4/17; Office of U.S. Senator Deb Fischer, 1/9/18]

-Fischer even voted with her party bosses against the Toomey bill, vote #123 on June 14th, that could have stopped the Washington-made trade war from turning into a Washington-made farm crisis. [Washington Post, 6/14/18; Vote #123, S.Amdt. 2700 to S.Amdt. 2282 to H.R. 5515, 6/14/18]


On Seniors, Medicare, Social Security, and Retirement Security:

-Fischer voted to gut Medicare by $500 billion over the next ten years and to end the program as we know it,turning it into a voucher system. [H.Con.Res. 71, Vote #245, 10/19/17; Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 10/17/17; CQ, 3/25/15; S.Amdt. 601 to S.Con.Res. 11, Vote 90, 3/25/15]

-Fischer voted with her party bosses to allow the privatization of Social Security and raise the retirement age. [CQ, 3/24/15, S.Amdt. 471 to S.Con.Res. 11, Vote 84, 3/24/15]

-Fisher voted to impose an Age Tax on older Nebraskans, allowing insurance companies to charge them five times more for their health insurance than younger people. [CQ, 7/25/17; HR 1628, Vote #167, 7/25/17; CNBC, 6/26/17]


On Tax Cuts For Corporate Special Interests:

-Fischer voted to give permanent tax cuts to her big, corporate campaign contributors while giving temporary, measly tax cuts to the middle-class and small businesses. [H.R. 1, Vote 323, 12/20/17; Washington Post, 12/15/17; CBPP, 12/21/17, Pacific Standard, 3/27/18, Axios, 3/5/18, Small Business Majority Press Release, 12/15/17]


On Immigration:

-Fischer has only contributed to partisan dysfunction and gridlock on the issue of immigration. She’s had nearly six years to fix our broken immigration system and has accomplished nothing. [CQ, 6/27/13, S.744, Vote 168, 6/27/13]


On Gun Violence:

-Fischer voted against plans to reduce gun violence eight times. She voted against common-sense safety measures like banning suspected terrorists from buying a gun. She’s been far too extreme and out of touch with Nebraskans on this issue. [Washington Post, 12/3/15; Vote 321, 12/3/15, CQ, 4/17/13; S. Amdt. 715 to S. 649, Vote 97, 4/17/13CQ, 4/11/13; S. 649, Vote 95, 4/11/13; CQ, 4/17/13; S.Amdt. 713 to S. 649, Vote 99; 4/17/13, Los Angeles Times, 6/20/16; S.Amdt. 4720 to S.Amdt. 4685 to H.R. 2578, Vote 106, 6/20/16; Washington Post, 6/20/2016; Vote 105, 6/20/2016; The Hill, 6/20/16; Vote 104, 6/20/16; CQ, 4/17/13; S.Amdt. 725 to S. 649; Vote 98, 4/17/13; The Hill, 4/17/13]


On Veterans:

-Fischer voted along party lines to block a veterans bill that would have expanded health care, education and job training for veterans and their families. [CQ, 2/27/14; S. 1982, Vote 46, 2/27/14; CQ, 2/27/14; S. 1982, Vote 45, 2/27/14]


On Education:

-Fischer cast the deciding vote to confirm Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, siding with Devos’s agenda to implement a voucher program that would take millions of dollars away from Nebraska’s public schools. [Vote #54, 2/7/17; Grand Island Independent, 3/16/17, New York Times, 2/7/17; Washington Post, 2/13/18]


On Infrastructure and Taxes:

-Fischer supported her party leader’s infrastructure proposal to push more financial responsibility to the states and local municipalities which would drive up Nebraskans’ property taxes. [NPR, 2/12/18; Washington Post, 2/11/18; Omaha World-Herald, 2/13/18]


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A grocery store owner and person of faith, Jane Raybould knows what it means to serve her community — to put community before self. She is running for the United States Senate to cut through the partisan bickering and get things done for Nebraskans, like her customers. Jane boldly announced she would refuse donations from corporate PACs because she knows the special interests hold too much sway in Washington. Her opponent, incumbent Senator Deb Fischer has enriched herself in office and voted with her party 98% of the time — even when those policies are harmful to Nebraskans.

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