Ashford vehemently disagrees with Don Bacon Vote Shutting down the government should never be an Option

Omaha, NE – Brad Ashford vehemently disagrees with Representative Bacon for his vote against keeping the government open, raising the debt limit ceiling and providing critical emergency funds to hurricane victims.

“This is an absolutely unacceptable vote,” Ashford said. “The first order of business, as a Representative, is never voting to shut the government down. The fact that he voted against providing funding for hurricane Harvey, while we have Irma barreling towards Florida makes the vote even worse. This is a perfect example of why what is needed in Washington, more than ever, is for lawmakers with the ability to work across the aisle, to keep our government functioning and to provide help in times of dire need.”

Bacon was recorded as a no vote on HR 601 this morning. The vote was taken on providing emergency supplemental funding to help cover costs from natural disasters, to raise the debt limit ceiling, and to fund government operations until December 8th.

“It is clear that Representative Bacon’s priorities in Congress are extremely partisan in nature and wrong for our country,” Ashford continued. “What this vote showed today is a definitive signal that a government shutdown, default and providing hurricane relief play second fiddle to partisan politics. I could not disagree more with this vote and I made a commitment to never shut the government down while in Congress. There is no excuse to justify voting to shut the government down and it is beyond belief that someone can put party before country.”


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