Don Bacon caves to China, votes against American workers, businesses and economy

Today, Rep. Don Bacon voted against the America COMPETES Act, which would help ensure America can outcompete countries like China. Bacon voted against economy-boosting legislation that would:

  • Create jobs and strengthen the supply chain by authorizing $45 billion to fix critical components of our supply chain and ensure more goods are made in the US
  • Reduce rising costs caused by outsourcing and shrink our reliance on China, which will keep our electric grid secure and resilient
  • Reassert America’s technological leadership by investing in domestic manufacturing of semiconductors – an increasingly essential component in everything from computers to cars – which will spur job creation while decreasing consumer prices
  • Advance American research in science and technology by strengthening and diversifying our nation’s STEM workforce
  • Secure America’s global leadership on human rights by taking concrete action to hold China accountable for its trade abuses and human rights violations
The America COMPETES Act is the single most important bill Congress can pass to fight back against China and its human rights violations, yet vulnerable Republican Don Bacon voted against it. Does Bacon stand with America or with China?
“Representative Don Bacon chose to play politics with the livelihoods of hard-working Americans instead of investing in creating jobs, boosting our manufacturing supply chain, and ensuring we can out-compete China,” said DCCC spokesperson Johanna Warshaw. “Bacon continues to show Nebraskans that he would rather side with party bosses than deliver results for his community.”

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