NDP Calls Out Rep. Bacon and Right-Wing Media for Pushing Misinformation

The Nebraska Democratic Party on Thursday called out a “Washington Free Beacon” report for making false statements about CD2 Democratic candidate Kara Eastman’s tenure running the Omaha’s Healthy Kids Alliance, which she founded in 2006.

GOP Rep. Don Bacon and the Douglas County GOP retweeted the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Tweets about the article  showing how their campaign intends to use right-wing media as their hit machine:



Eastman is running for Bacon’s House seat, along with two other Democrats Ann Ashford and Gladys Harrison.

NDP Chair Jane Kleeb derided the article, noting that the Washington Free Beacon is owned by conservative billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer.

“The Washington Free Beacon is rated as an unreliable news source, according to Media Bias/Fact Check,” Kleeb said.

In fact, Media Bias/Fact Check says, “Overall, we rate the Washington Free Beacon Right-Biased based on story selection that favors the right and Mixed for factual reporting due to misleading and false claims.”

“Don Bacon and his cronies are nervous about holding his seat — and they should be,” Kleeb said. “It is a shame they are using unreliable news sources as their hit machine to smear and distract. Today, it is Kara Eastman and I am sure hits to the other strong women — Ann Ashford and Gladys Harrison — are coming any day now by Bacon and the right-wing media machine of misinformation.”

Additionally, the Nebraska Democratic Party would like to point out that Rep. Bacon is supporting President Trump’s proposed “slash and burn” 2021 budget, which makes deep cuts to money the EPA needs to clean up Superfund Sites, including the lead contamination in the eastern half of Omaha.

The fact is that Omaha continues to be America’s largest residential Superfund site due to lead poisoning. Trump’s 2021 budget makes massive cuts to the Superfund program, jeopardizing the very same efforts that Kara Eastman led for over a decade and now Bacon and the right-wing media machine are trying to smear.


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