NDP Finishes Gathering Comments on Delegate Selection Plan For 2020 Democratic National Convention

NOTE: The NDP has submitted revisions of its Delegate Selection Plan per the DNC’s request. As soon as the plan is approved by the DNC, we will post it here.

In April, the Nebraska Democratic Party (NDP) finished gathering public comment on its proposed 2020 Delegate Selection Plan (DSP) to send delegates to the Democratic National National Convention in Milwaukee, July 13-16, 2020.

We worked with partners across the state and from every community to create a process where every Nebraskan had a chance to be heard as we gear up for 2020. To ensure fairness and inclusivity in the process of finalizing the DSP, the NDP opened up the draft for public comment during the 30-day comment period, which ended April 19.

After a review of the public comments, the plan was revised and approved by the NDP State Executive Committee and submitted to the Democratic National Committee for review and approval.

“This is a critical first step as we present our plan to the public and we move towards the 2020 election cycle to take back the White House and build our numbers in Congress,” said NDP Executive Director Jim Rogers “The hard work started by the committee — to have the most inclusive convention to date — is well underway and we eagerly look forward to receiving public input.”

Said Trevor Fitzgerald, NDP Rules Committee chair and chair of the DSP Special Committee that drafted the proposed plan:

“Crafting a Delegate Selection Plan is a major undertaking, and involves complying with DNC Rules & Regulations, NDP Constitution & Bylaws, and Nebraska state law.

“Members of the DSP Special Committee, as well as the NDP Committee on Inclusion, worked hard to develop the proposed plan, and should be proud of their efforts,” he said.

The DSP can be reviewed here.

Amendment to Delegate Selection Plan submitted to DNC on 5/27/20.

Exhibit A – District-Level Delegate Allocation (Downloads as an Excel file)

Exhibit B – Representation Goals (Downloads as an Excel file)









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