Nebraska’s Tribes Make Historic Joint Endorsement of Democratic Candidates

For the first time, Nebraska’s four tribal nations — the Ponca, the Omaha, the Santee Sioux and the Winnebago — have jointly endorsed a slate of Democratic candidates in the Nov. 6 election.

In a recent meeting at the Winnebago Indian Reservation, the tribes agreed to endorse:

  • Jane Raybould for U.S. Senate
  • Bob Krist and Lynne Walz for Governor and Lt. Governor
  • Spencer Danner for Secretary of State
  • Paul Theobald for Congress, 3rd District
  • Christa Yoakum for Public Service Commission, 1st District


“We feel it’s in our best interest to support the Democratic Party candidates,” said Mike Wolfe, chairman of the Omaha Nation. “We have a better understanding and confidence they will have our best interest and welfare of Natives in mind.”

Frank LaMere, vice chairman of the NDP and a member of the Winnebago Tribe, praised the endorsement.

“The Nebraska Democratic Party stands with the Tribes on human rights, civil rights, health care and sovereignty matters. We support the Tribes efforts to protect Mother Earth. The Tribes’ historic endorsement of our candidates should cause all Nebraskans to take heart,” LaMere said. “Those among us who have little and are without voice feel the pain. The Republicans among us continue to protect the status quo. It is that simple. My Native brothers and sisters have had enough of Donald Trump and his apologists. Let us all get the job done and vote for Democrats on November 6th!”

Chandra Walker, chair of the NDP’s Native Caucus, said she had met with each of the candidates.

“I have shared cultural knowledge and concerns of our Native Americans in Nebraska,” she said. “Our candidates of the Democratic Party will continue to work with our Tribes and Tribal communities to improve our relationship and move forward with shared ideas. Please get out and Vote this November 6th.”

Said Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb: “The Nebraska Democratic Party stands with the Tribal Nations in our state. The sovereign rights of Native Americans must be protected.

“These historic endorsements of Democratic candidates are humbling and our party is working every day to turn out voters for candidates who stand with the people,” Kleeb said.



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