Press Release: NDP Chair Jane Kleeb and former state Sen. Al Davis, co-chair of Nebraska Republicans for Biden, comment on Tuesday’s GOP Convention

Statement from Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb

“Tonight, the Trump campaign made it clear they have no platform and no ideas to help working families. Instead, they’re using divisive rhetoric, partisan attacks and baseless smears in a desperate attempt to win an election. Nebraska voters deserve a president who can unify our country and lead us through this moment of crisis — and that’s Joe Biden.”

Statement from Senator Al Davis, co-chair of Nebraska Republicans for Biden

“The Trump Convention spent hours on dark and divisive fear-mongering, but no time laying out a plan to improve the lives of working families. It’s no surprise so many of Nebraska’s Republicans and independents are crossing the aisle to support Joe Biden, the only candidate with a real strategy to contain the coronavirus and rebuild our economy.”



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