Press release: NDP condemns pro-Trump rioters who broke into Capitol

NDP Chair Jane Kleeb and the Nebraska Democratic Party condemned the actions of a throng of President Trump supporters who breached security and broke into the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday under the belief that  Trump did not actually lose the Nov. 3 election to President-elect Joe Biden.

Trump — who lost the popular and electoral college vote — continues to dispute the results, without evidence, and has encouraged his supporters to attend the rallies in the nation’s capital, according to news reports. After Trump addressed the protesters, dozens of them broke into the Capitol. One protester was reportedly shot.

“The horrific violence we are witnessing is the fault of Trump and his GOP enablers — including Reps. Don Bacon, Jeff Fortenberry and Adrian Smith along with Senators Sasse and Fischer,” Kleeb said. “Trump has fomented anger among his supporters by falsely repeating his contention that the election was rigged against him. America is better than this behavior from the Republican Party no matter what tweet they try to send now.”

“People in wheelchairs were arrested in 2017 when they were peaceful as they protested not having access to healthcare,” Kleeb said “But violent Republican thugs are allowed to just storm the building? The Republican Party is rotten to the core. Trump and the Republicans have spent the last four years and hundreds of millions of dollars painting Democrats and good people that belong to our party as evil and radical — knowing full well that Trump and the Republican Party were stoking anger among his radical base that would lead to this day,” Kleeb said. “The GOP owes Americans an apology for the disgusting behavior that they have enabled. There is no sidestepping this. There is no looking the other way. The Republican Party must own the behavior that they enabled from their radical base.”

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