Press release: NDP’s Kleeb lauds Senate Democrats for passing President Biden’s COVID relief package, blasts Sasse and Fischer for voting against it

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb lauded Senate Democrats for passing President Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package Saturday.

The final vote was 50-49 along party lines, with every Republican — including Nebraska’s Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer — voting “no.”

“Senators Sasse and Fischer turned their backs on Nebraska families, local governments and medical professionals who need the funding in the American Rescue Plan bill,” Kleeb said. “The funds in the bill will provide more shots, access to health care and resources to keep small businesses open. It is shameful Fischer and Sasse could not get out of their partisan corners to do the right thing for Nebraska.”

The legislation includes $1,400 stimulus checks, $300-per-week jobless benefits through the summer, a child allowance of up to $3,600 for one year, $350 billion for state aid, $34 billion to expand Affordable Care Act subsidies and $14 billion for vaccine distribution.

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