Raybould enters race for U.S. Senate: “It’s time to make Washington work for Nebraska again”

Raybould for US Senate


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Raybould enters race for U.S. Senate: “It’s time to make Washington work for Nebraska again”
Plans to be an Independent Voice for All Nebraskans

Lincoln, Neb. — Jane Raybould, a Lincoln business leader and City Councilmember, has announced that she will enter the race for U.S. Senate.

Raybould kicks off her campaign tomorrow in front of her family’s first grocery store, Russ’s Market on 17th and Washington Streets in Lincoln.

“What’s happening in Washington right now just isn’t working for Nebraskans. We need leaders who will put people before party and common sense before political games,” said Raybould.

Raybould is a fourth-generation Nebraskan, the granddaughter of Polish farmers from Tarnov and Loup City. Her father, Russ Raybould, founded Russ’s Market, a local independent grocery store, in 1964, and she has worked in the family business her whole life — starting when she was just eight years old making change for customers at the fireworks stand. She then moved on to the bakery where she washed dishes and worked the donut fryers and became a cashier in high school. While at Creighton University, she sorted the store’s coupons, which helped her earn money through college. Raybould and her brother, Pat, run their family’s business, employee-owned B&R Stores Inc., which includes Russ’s Market, Super Saver, Apple Market, and Save Best. There are 19 stores across the state that employ more than 2,000 people.

“My dad got to create and live his American Dream. And he gave that same opportunity — that simple chance to work hard and get ahead in life — to our family and to thousands of others. That opportunity is quickly disappearing for far too many of our fellow Americans right now,” said Raybould. “I know what it’s like to make ends meet for a family, for a job creating business, and for local cities and counties. That’s why I want to represent Nebraska in the United States Senate. It’s time to make Washington work for hardworking Nebraska families.”

Raybould is also an elected official. She was first elected to the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners in 2010 — defeating a nine-year Republican incumbent. After serving as a County Commissioner, she ran for Lincoln City Council in 2015. In her time as a Commissioner and a Councilmember, Raybould has been a moderate voice, bringing people from both sides of the aisle together to lower property taxes and ensure employee retirement funds are solvent.

“Nebraskans have an independent streak — we judge the quality of the person and their ideas, not just their political party. As a business owner and public servant, I’ve built successful coalitions and brought my colleagues from both parties together to get things done that are good for Nebraskans. Congress needs more of that and less partisan bickering,” said Raybould.


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Jane Raybould is a fourth generation Nebraskan born, raised and residing in Lincoln. Along with her brother, she runs the grocery business her father started more than 53 years ago. B & R Stores Inc. and its locations across the state – including Super Savers, Russ’s Markets, Apple Market and Save Best – employ more than 2,000 Nebraskans and was one of the very first employee owned companies in the state of Nebraska.

As a job creator, with 30 years in business, Jane knows what regulations can do to cripple small business and has worked with fellow grocers to advocate for the interests of businesses at the highest levels. As Vice President and Director of Buildings and Equipment, Jane oversees the company’s capital investments and all real estate developments, remodels and construction, and property management.

A life-long, devoted Catholic who believes in living her faith and giving back, Jane has a long history of community service and has served in many volunteer capacities for local non-profits as well as a member of the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.

Jane currently serves on the Lincoln City Council, where she has worked to reduce property taxes by creating efficiencies in government. She previously served as a Lancaster County Commissioner.

Jane is the proud granddaughter of hard working Polish farmers from Tarnov and Loup City and lives with her husband of 33 years, Jose Herrero and their two dogs: Milo and Buddy. Jose and Jane have two adult children, Clara and Gabriel, as well as a son-in-law Micah and daughter-in-law, Marie.


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