LINCOLN – It’s been four days since the Nebraska Republican Party’s refused to denounce “all degrading remarks towards women, minorities and other individuals by Republican elected office holders or party officials.” at the Nebraska GOP State Convention this weekend, yet Don Bacon has continued to remain silent on whether he supports the the hateful speech of his own party.

The Nebraska Democratic Party AGAIN asks why Don Bacon continues to remain silent on the hateful rhetoric of the GOP presumptive nominee, Donald Trump. This is on the heels of the NEGOP State Convention where the NEGOP voted to stand by the hateful remarks directed towards women, minorities, and war heroes.
“Candidate Don Bacon has allowed four days to go by as he continues to be silent on the hateful speech that’s so prevalent in the Republican Party right now,” said Hadley Richters, Nebraska Democratic Party Executive Director. “Each day that Don Bacon choses to remain silent, he only reconfirms that in fact he has embraced the hate speech targeted at women, endorsements by white supremacists, and condemning minorities,” Richters stated. “All rhetoric that should have no place in Don Bacon’s platform as a candidate running in Nebraska.”
Will Bacon has yet to stand for what is right and disavow the hateful rhetoric, or will he continue to sit on the sidelines while his party targets women, minorities, and war heroes?

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