GOP Dark Money Group Tries to Sweep Don Bacon’s Votes Against Lowering Gas Prices Under the Rug

New ad hypocritically claims Bacon is working to lower gas prices 
This week, a GOP-affiliated dark money group placed an ad in the Omaha TV market praising Don Bacon for his “work” to lower energy prices. But the reality is that when House Democrats took decisive action to lower gas prices, Don Bacon voted to keep gas prices high.
Now, Republican dark money groups are trying to mislead Nebraskans about Bacon’s record of putting profits before people – including the $150,000 he’s taken from the oil and gas industry during his time in office.
Despite what the ad claims, typical politician Don Bacon chose to side with wealthy corporations over his constituents and voted against solutions that would lower costs for hardworking Nebraskans.
Said DCCC spokesperson Johanna Warshaw:
“Don Bacon must be running scared if outside dark money groups are swooping in to mislead Nebraskans about his record of putting profits before people. Nebraskans deserve a representative who will fight for them, mega wealthy corporations who gouge prices.”

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