2020 Candidates

U.S. House of Representatives


Carol Blood

District 3

Mike McDonnell

District 5

Tony Vargas

District 7

Marque Snow

District 9

John Cavanaugh

District 9

Mark Vondrasek

District 9

Fred Conley

District 11

Terrell McKinney

District 11

Teela A. Mickles

District 11

Cornelius Williams

District 11

Dennis Womack

District 11

Justin Wayne

District 13

Lynne Walz

District 15

Joseph Couch

District 21

Anna Wishart

District 27

Neal Clayburn

District 29

Eliot Bostar

District 29

Jennifer Carter

District 29

Tim Royers

District 31

Dan Quick

District 35

Allison Heimes

District 39

Susan Hester

District 45

State Board of Education

Public Service Commission

Crystal Rhoades

Other Races



Angie Lauritsen, Gretna

City Councils and County Boards

Joe Blood, Bellevue City Council At-Large
Thomas Burns, Bellevue City Council, Ward 1
Mike Boyle, Douglas County Board 1
Roger Garcia, Douglas County Board 1
Chris Rodgers, Douglas County Board 3
Joe DiCostanzo, Douglas County Board 5
Josh Henningsen, Douglas County Board 5
Jo Giles, Douglas County Board 7
Michael Young, Douglas County Board 5 
Christa Yoakum, Lancaster County Board


Other City and County Offices

Dan Esch, Douglas County Clerk

Community College Boards

 Alex Garrison, Metropolitan Community College, District 2
David Pantos, Metropolitan Community College, District 3
Mark Holst, Metropolitan Community College, District 4

School Boards

Ricky Smith, OPS Board 1
Nick Thielen, OPS Board 3
Jane Erdenberger, OPS Board 7
Keegan Korf, OPS Board 7
Jacquelyn Morrison, OPS Board 7
Grant Sorrell, OPS Board 7
Erik Servellon, OPS Board 9 


Public Power, Utilities, NRDs

Robbert Kennicutt Dawson Public Power District, Dawson Subdivision
Mike DeKalb, Lower Platte South NRD, Subdistrict 3
Gwen Howard, MUD, Subdivision 3
Mary Harding, NPPD, Subdivision 1
Amanda Bogner, Omaha Public Power District, Subdivision 1
Larry Bradley, Papio-Missouri River NRD, Subdistrict 3

Danny Begley, Papio-Missouri River NRD, Subdistrict 7