Demand all Vote-By-Mail Elections!

Nebraska Democratic Party hôm thứ Năm đã kêu gọi Ngoại trưởng Bob Evnen và Thống đốc Pete Ricketts xem xét chuyển hoàn toàn sang hình thức Bỏ phiếu bằng thư cho Cuộc bầu cử sơ bộ ngày 12 tháng 5 do đại dịch coronavirus.

Join us in this fight to protect the safety of ALL Nebraskans. Sign our petition today demanding our elected leaders move entirely to a Vote-by-Mail primary!


This is a public health crisis and we need to avoid a situation where polling places and our elections get disrupted. We need an all Vote-By-Mail election to happen. Our party is ready to work hand-in-hand with the Republicans and the government to ensure a safe election and to protect our democracy.

For our part, the Nebraska Democratic Party is sending Vote-By-Mail Applications to voters in addition to launching an online portal for Nebraskans to request a Vote-By-Mail Application be sent to them. Get a Vote-By-Mail Application sent to you by clicking here.

Demand that our state leaders protect the health and well-being of ALL Nebraskans. Make your voice heard.


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