GOP bỏ phiếu để giúp 1% trong khi tăng thuế đối với tầng lớp trung lưu

The Republican Party voted to help the top 1% with massive tax handouts while cutting services that are vital to the future of our country.

“Teachers can no longer write off supplies they buy for their students but a billionaire can write off a jet. Senators Fischer and Sasse failed Nebraska while giving a huge government handout to their wealthy donors. Senators Fischer and Sasse have lost their way in DC forgetting about working-class families that are the backbone of our state.” -Chair Jane Kleeb

In a true reflection of Republicans’ style of reckless leadership, they put a massive tax bill, over 500 pages with handwritten notes in the margin, on the floor and forced a vote.

No one had time to read what was tucked-away in the over 500 pages of handwritten notes.

The Nebraska Democratic Party is asking any Nebraskan who is frustrated and angry with the tax vote to go to and sign up to be a block captain so we can take Congress back for the people.

Press Contact: Jacob Denniston, Communications Coordinator

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