News Release: NDP Chair Kleeb Comments on House Impeachment Hearing


Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb issued the following statement Wednesday following the first day of public hearings in the Trump impeachment inquiry — in which William B. Taylor Jr., the top diplomat in Ukraine, and George P. Kent, a senior State Department official, were the first to testify about Trump’s effort to withhold military aid to Ukraine in exchange for dirt on his political opponent, Joe Biden.

“Mr. Kent and Ambassador Taylor are career officials with impeccable resumes and records of service to our country. Their testimony was stellar,” Kleeb said. “The GOP committee members were grasping at straws and slinging canned talking points to defend President Trump. And they failed.

“Meanwhile, not a peep from Reps. Don Bacon, Jeff Fortenberry and Adrian Smith and Sens. Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer — who refuse to do their jobs and hold this outlaw president accountable,” Kleeb said



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